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Paul Weamer guides fly fishermen with a ClackaCraft driftboat


     Montana is one of the world's most revered trout fishing destinations.  And the waters we guide are some of the best that this amazing state offers.  Whether it's a float trip on the Yellowstone River or a wade trip to the classically beautiful Paradise Valley spring creeks (DePuy, Armstrong, Nelson's), you will love Montana and its trout.

    All Montana guided fishing is conducted under the direction of an outfitter.  Weamer Fly Fishing, LLC guide trips are directed by Outfitter Matt Swan (MT Outfitter #26324). Our guide fee is $700 for one or two anglers on a float trip.  A third angler (or more) will require an additional guide and boat.  Most drift boats only have 3 seats--two for fishing and one for rowing--and it can be unsafe to bring a fourth person into the boat.  A third angler may be added for an additional fee when wade-fishing the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. 

     The Paradise Valley spring creeks and lakes are privately owned and anglers must pay a fee to fish them.  These fees go directly to the property owners and are not included with your trip.  They generally run from $40 to $120 depending upon the waterway and time of year. A typical day is aproximately 8 hours.

     All terminal tackle--flies, leaders, tippets, etc.--is included.  Lunch, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages are also included. Rods and reels can be included too, free of charge upon request.  A valid Montana fishing license is needed to fish any of the waters we guide.  The license is not part of our fee, but can be purchased locally and online.

     All of our trips are strict catch and release fly fishingEmail us at for more information or to learn how to book your trip through Outfitter Matt Swan.

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