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Yellowstone Off-Season

Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley in Winter
A winter's day in the Lamar Valley

January and the new year bring with them a chance to visit the places I guide in the summer, during winter's off-season. The 2020 Yellowstone National Park fishing season won't begin until late May. And on this day, the beautiful Lamar Valley was void of the fly fishers I normally see, replaced by foraging bison and wandering coyotes.

Yellowstone National Park's Soda Butte Creek in Winter
Soda Butte

Though the Lamar River is nearly all ice-encrusted, Soda Butte still shows veins of summer's trout water.

Yellowstone National Park bull elk

While trout receive a respite beneath the ice for much of the winter, the Park's other wild residents must face the cold and hold on till spring.

Yellowstone National Park's Gardiner River brown trout
My last 2019 Yellowstone National Park trout

Ruthann and I had one final fishing trip to Yellowstone's Gardiner River in late September before the pull of elk season took us elsewhere. The river's edges were already lined with skim ice this morning.

I love the stark beauty of Yellowstone's winter but eagerly look forward to a new guide season and summer's rising trout.

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Jan 03, 2020

Thanks Harry! When are you coming for a visit?


Jan 03, 2020

Awesome winter shots Paul. Best of the new year to both of you. Harry t.

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